Terms of Service


Every site has Terms of Service – some so long and involved we simply skip over them and go with it. I try to keep it simple as possible but lay out what is required on both sides so there are no misunderstandings. If you’ve a question about anything, please let me know.

Client's responsibility

Send all available information the client has on the research requested. This may be names, dates, locations, scanned copies of deeds, census records, birth and/or death certificates, marriage licenses, location of burial or any other information. This helps the genealogist with research and prevents time wasted duplicating already located information.

Services to be rendered by genealogist

Genealogist agrees to provide as much of the requested information as reasonably can be found on the internet and in the United States. This includes names, dates, locations, documents and photos. Certified copies or original documents that can only be purchased from a source such as a courthouse or Vital Records Dept. in a state are not provided. Information as to the location and cost, if available, will be given to the client to make a decision as to whether he wants to purchase them.

Time frame

If the client has a time frame within which the information is needed, genealogist will attempt to work within that time period. However, some research requires weeks to find information using ‘out of the box’ solutions and inquiries which need a response. It is requested that if at all possible, no time frame be given. However, at the end of three months or whatever time period is given, it appears that no further information is online, a report will be given including all information, documents and photos found.


No genealogist, whether professional or not, can guarantee the results of any research project. The client understands this and that there is a risk of non-discovery or the discovery uncovered in the research is not what the client wanted.


There is no fee paid to the genealogist for research involved. A request is asked for but not required for a donation be made to the Hornsby Family Cemetery and information as to where to send that will be given. This is a large cemetery dating back to 1836 kept up by donations. Although it is a 501(c)(13) organization and donations are deductible, donations made for services such as this are not deductible. 

Donations are sent to our Cemetery Board of Governors treasurer: 

         Steve Platt

         P. O. Box 357

         Rosanky, TX 78953 

Please put "Whispering Trees" in the memo line of your check.


Because the amount of any donation is made by the client and voluntarily given, there are no reimbursements.

Confidentiality – Privacy

Genealogist agrees to the best of her ability to hold confidential all information provided for such research as well as all information located in such research. No disclosure of any client information, research information or any other information will be provided to any other source without the express written permission of the client.

Work Product  

Any information located about ancestors, documents and other such items that are public knowledge, client is free to exchange with anyone they choose. Any report given by genealogist is a work product and permission of the genealogist is required to share it.